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Membership is $500/mo.

Counselor are available to speak with during normal working hour
10am-9pm. Eastern standard time.

Health and wellness.

Improve your over all health and wealth will create.





Financial Education and literacy.

Wealth building and making your money work for you.

Insurance retirement planning.

Estate planning

Living income policies.

The benefits of owning a trust over a will.

Building wealth through real estate

Investing in real estate can be one of the best ways to accumulate wealth.

Lend money to finance real estate projects.

Participate in mini IPO.

Invest in a syndicate existing property.

Invest in reit

Invest in eligible capital gains in qualified opportunity zone

Invest in a private equity fund.

Ways to avoid foreclosure or eviction prevention.

Stop a foreclosure or eviction minutes.

Ask for a loan modification

Deed in lieu of the sale

Send in a payment to headquarters.

Have realtor put your home up for sale.

Take your case out of state court if needed.