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Nearly two years ago I was at risk of losing my home. My work contract ended abruptly and it was the third time my mortgage company threatened to foreclose my home. The previous times I was able to work out a modification with them, but as life would have it….I began to have car troubles, went through a divorce, and had a child in college that consumed my finances. I called a dear friend to confide in her about my situation, as embarrassing as it was to admit to someone. Saying out loud that I could lose my home was a very humble moment in my life. Fortunately, that friend referred me to the Foreclosure International Group to help me save my home! Her best friend went through a similar situation as me, and they are people I trust dearly. I called the friend and asked tons of questions. What is the process? How much does it cost? How long did it take? How were they able to save your home?! Is this company legit?! If I didn’t know her personally, I would have been more skeptical. She answered all of my questions with certainty The Foreclosure International Group could save my home. She told me to give Foreclosure International Group a call and to trust the process…no matter what! That fateful date in October 2018, I called Foreclosure International Group and told him my situation. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. Although I’ve had plenty of questions during the process to save my home, he is always calm and ready to answer any of my concerns. His passion and confidence in knowing the best route to take to save your home is what helped me have faith in the process. I highly recommend anyone fearful of losing their home to contact Foreclosure International Group! As my friend told me, ask all the questions you have concerns about, be patient, but trust the process! Two years later, I’m still in my home and it’s all thanks to the expertise and professionalism at Foreclosure International Group! Thank you Foreclosure International Group!

Amber M.(- South Carolina)

Hi my name is Melina R. I wanted to let you guys know if you are every having any problems with foreclosures, modifications or just let someone look over your mortgage paperwork. It is always some type of options. It is so much more to this company for what they do. This is the best by far company to work with in my situation. They are so nice and kind and not judge mental. They understand what it takes to get the job done. They talk to you in people terms and don’t make you feel stupid and no question is a dumb one. They keep you in the loop of what is going on. They make you feel like family. There is really someone out there to help. Yes they are in Georgia. They help people all over the States. I am in South Carolina. Yes people are going to be skeptical, because i was, but this was the best skeptical decision I made. I had something to lose ( my home) but since working with them. Guess what? I still got it. So check them out.

Melina R. ( - Dade County, Fl)

FIGWW A BIG NAME! Stands for Foreclosure international Group World Wide…. but I can only speak for my Neck of The woods. I’m a straight shooter, a long sigh came out of my Heart! You see I was recommended To FIGWW after I had gone thru a Very difficult time with foreclosure Proceedings of my Home of 35 years!!!! A Big Deal to me and My Family! I had lost Title to my Home some 2 years Prior to meeting FIGWW although I was still in possession of it, and had clearly Run out of ALL OPTIONS! So in desperation, someone told me about FIGWW and I immediately called and a very knowledgeable FIG assured me There was RESCUE! Over the next 19 months I enlisted their service and tho still edgy, They helped me retain my Home which was a Legal miracle to me! Even though they had achieved 19 months of success I got sidetracked by an individual that offered “Speedy” results! …..however Unfortunately That Speedy result was, my worst nightmare and I lost my Home and was devastated! That being said, I painfully relocated to a Rental house and doubled down to SAVE other Rentals I owned! After exhausting all legal help, and The Law Firm I had failed to convince the court o give a Modification… I was Again facing an Eviction!!! As I racked my brain, I realized It WAS time to find My way back to FIGWW, who I had had 19 months of Success at This same desperate stage of The process. So The Good News is, Currently The Eviction was Ordered BUT THE PAPERWORK FILED by FIGWW and SENT TO THE MORTGAGE COMPANY has caused them to send us correspondence confirming They HAVE STOPPED ALL EVICTION PROCEEDINGS pending a Possible Rescission of Sale, as they review the file…Another LEGAL MIRACLE has been Rendered, and FIG continues to be vigilant thru the process! This time, I won’t Quit! And FIG continues to Remind me, I’ll see Real Success If I don’t quit, as they won’t either! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it But which I will be eager to update as More GOOD NEWS unfolds!

Audrey Farquharson( - Dade County, Fl)