Hi my name is Melina R. I wanted to let you guys know if you are every having any problems with foreclosures, modifications or just let someone look over your mortgage paperwork. It is always some type of options. It is so much more to this company for what they do. This is the best by far company to work with in my situation. They are so nice and kind and not judge mental. They understand what it takes to get the job done. They talk to you in people terms and don’t make you feel stupid and no question is a dumb one. They keep you in the loop of what is going on. They make you feel like family. There is really someone out there to help. Yes they are in Georgia. They help people all over the States. I am in South Carolina. Yes people are going to be skeptical, because i was, but this was the best skeptical decision I made. I had something to lose ( my home) but since working with them. Guess what? I still got it.
So check them out.