We can help you get working seed capital

PHASE 1 features applications for stated income, unsecured, revolving lines of credit that can be used for any purpose the business owner deems necessary including expansion, bridging cash flow, marketing paying off existing business/ mortgage debt or any other reason,

PHASE 2 Results in the acquisition of the PAYDEX SCORE. With our guidance client’s business can earn a perfect business credit rating (80 PAYDEX or better) In just a few months. Once this has been achieved your business will start to receive pre-qualified offers from business credit providers and vendors. With strong financial statements, your company will have the best chances of obtaining large amounts of future working cash.

PHASE 3 it all about using your lines to build your business. The banks prefer to lend to businesses that they have had long working relationships with and Seed Capital will consult you on how to use your credit lines to maximize your future credit while still paying the least amount of low interest.