Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation

Our management team would like to thank the customers for giving us a  grateful and wonderful opportunity to serve you. it is our desire to keep you satisfied, educated, empowered with cutting edge services and products. You are our inspiration in doing the very best to strive for excellence. Thank you so much and remember; we value you!



Customer Appreciation


The five powerful ways of negotiating your foreclosure, modification or eviction.

1. Research on finding out if there was a break in the transference of the mortgage deed or if the deeds were recorded correctly. If there is a break in the deed. This can give you an edge to stop a sell, modify the loan or overturn an eviction – dispossessory.

2. If facing a foreclosure ask the bank or lending institution for a forbearance.  If they say no, then ask to speak to the entry department for reconciliation.

3. Send a proof of claim letter to the bank or lending institution to validate the debt. If they can not prove to have a validated claim. Then send cease an disease letter and file it with the clerk of deeds records office.

4. Ask the bank are you eligible for a short. You must then hire a real estate agent to list or sell your property. This can postpone the sale and stop the foreclosure.

5. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of these things than hire a loss mitigation company or call us @ (770)-256-7881. We can help you resolve all your property needs.


Things FIG can do to help you rebuild your credit

Things FIG can do to help you rebuild your credit

These are the things we can do to help you rebuild/improve your credit.http;//figs/

1.  We will create a new credit builder profile account for your personal/business.

2. FIG can add 8 to 10 personal and business credit trade references. These accounts must be verified and activated. We will help you build your credit payment history.

3. We have to build your credit profile with all your info, so your credit scores can increase.

4. Next, we need to add corporate/ credit cards, for example, Lowes, Home DEPO, and more. We will instruct you on how to apply.

5. Once you have been approved we want you to start making some purchases on these credit cards.

6. We will make sure you’re accounts are reporting to the credit agencies.

7.Next, we will open a business/personal checking account using your new profile only and the address you used to open the account.

If you need help, Please don’t hesitate to call us

Credit restructuring is done by reducing personal debt, negotiating what is owed anywhere from 60% to 70% off of the original amount. We can start from scratch with the Credit Builder program in helping you build new credit. You can establish business and personal credit even if you’re a new startup business,filed bancruptcy, have no business assets or little to no credit. For the business, no qualifications are needed. Once you have the loan, you can start building credit by making your payments to the trade lines on time,You can also get credit cards with little to no interest or that offer cash back from the purchase.

Customer Appreciation


Foreclosure International Group specializes in assisting homeowners with Pre-foreclosures, Foreclosures, Loan modification problems, Refinancing problems, Creative Financing and Credit Enhancement to purchase a home nationwide. Our experts know how to stop foreclosures and evictions, so you can stay in your home. If you are facing foreclosure call us now @ (770)-256-7881


If you or someone you know is interested in investing in foreclosure properties, buying,selling, wholesaling or tax lien properties. You must have a minimum of seven thousand to ten thousand to invest. We can find the right deal for you!!! FIG can help match you up with the right buyers or sellers. We’re very passionate about real estate with over 25years in the business. Need help call us @ (678)-723-1400