The five powerful ways of negotiating your foreclosure, modification or eviction.

1. Research on finding out if there was a break in the transference of the mortgage deed or if the deeds were recorded correctly. If there is a break in the deed. This can give you an edge to stop a sell, modify the loan or overturn an eviction – dispossessory.

2. If facing a foreclosure ask the bank or lending institution for a forbearance.  If they say no, then ask to speak to the entry department for reconciliation.

3. Send a proof of claim letter to the bank or lending institution to validate the debt. If they can not prove to have a validated claim. Then send cease an disease letter and file it with the clerk of deeds records office.

4. Ask the bank are you eligible for a short. You must then hire a real estate agent to list or sell your property. This can postpone the sale and stop the foreclosure.

5. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of these things than hire a loss mitigation company or call us @ (770)-256-7881. We can help you resolve all your property needs.