These are the things we can do to help you rebuild/improve your credit.http;//figs/

1.  We will create a new credit builder profile account for your personal/business.

2. FIG can add 8 to 10 personal and business credit trade references. These accounts must be verified and activated. We will help you build your credit payment history.

3. We have to build your credit profile with all your info, so your credit scores can increase.

4. Next, we need to add corporate/ credit cards, for example, Lowes, Home DEPO, and more. We will instruct you on how to apply.

5. Once you have been approved we want you to start making some purchases on these credit cards.

6. We will make sure you’re accounts are reporting to the credit agencies.

7.Next, we will open a business/personal checking account using your new profile only and the address you used to open the account.

If you need help, Please don’t hesitate to call us