Is relief in sight for potential
homeowners? Too early to tell, but Black Knight says that the rate of acceleration
in home price growth did slow slightly in August, the first decline in the
annual rate in 15 months
. The company’s Mortgage Monitor, covering
mortgage loan performance data for the month, reports that the annual appreciation
in August was 19.0 percent compared to 19.4 percent over the 12 months that
ended in July. Price growth slowed for single-family houses from 20
percent to 19.5 percent while the appreciation rate for condo units dipped from
15.4 to 15.2 percent. Deceleration in increases is, of course, reflected more
quickly in the month-over-month data, and there the slowdown has been evident
for several months. August prices were up by 0.9 percent from those in July. The
monthly increase was near 3 percent earlier this year.

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