April price gains may have set a
record for setting records and Black Knight, in its Mortgage Monitor for
the month, runs them down.

annual rate of price increases , 14.8 percent, was the highest in the company’s
records dating back to the mid-1990s.

prices rose even higher, 15.6 percent. Condo gains were significantly more
restrained at 10 percent.
marked the 17th straight month of home price gains and they continue
to accelerate sharply even as affordability is growing tight.
Knight says before 2021 the largest single month increase was 1.53 percent in
April 2004 and pre-2021 month-over-month appreciation exceeded 1.5 percent only
two additional times in Black Knight’s records (May 2004, and April 2005.) Price increases have broken
through that barrier in each of the last three months, soaring to 2.34 percent
in March. The April growth rate was 2.0 percent.



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