Urban Institute (UI) recently held a webinar with housing experts to look at distress
in the housing market. In a report on the findings, researchers Jung
Hyun Choi and Daniel Pang say that, as of November, 3.7 million homeowners who had
taken advantage of forbearance as the pandemic began have left the programs
while 3.2 million others continue to struggle. About 2.8 million remain in
active forbearance while another 369,000 are delinquent on payments but are not
in plans. Many of those in active forbearance
have reached their sixth month, requiring them to either leave their plans or
request an extension. 
reports there are many households which are delinquent but have not pursued any
loss mitigation
. There is a lack of homeowner awareness of payment options, and
stark disparities in housing payment status by race, ethnicity, and income.


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