We don’t know much so far about the election results besides the pollsters being, once again, wrong on a national scale, and (so far) yesterday being mostly gratifying for Republicans. I have one question: After this quarantine… Will the producers of My 600-Lb. Life just find me, or do I find them? My weight isn’t the only thing changing. According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021 report, COVID-19 has made lower-density areas for both residential and commercial real estate more appealing and is accelerating suburban growth, especially in Sun Belt markets. Growth in the suburbs has been a consistent trend in the report for the past five years, but new work-from-home policies and increased family formation among millennials are furthering this shift. Home buyers will look for suburban locales with low taxes, affordable housing, job opportunities, and auto-oriented transportation. The report also predicts cost-conscious companies will gravitate toward cities that also are affordable and business-friendly with growing workforces. And ask yourselves, “Will the youth of 15 years from this year be named, “the Coronnials’?”


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