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I truly want to thank Foreclosure International Group for your great services. I was $30,000 behind in my mortgage and in bankruptcy. I was about to be put out of my house and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, I contacted Foreclosure International Group and they helped me stop the foreclosure. I have been in my home for a year and it’s been great!!! They not only helped me stay in my home, but save money on past due mortgage fees. Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you did for me!!

William H.- Alpharetta, GA

I was in a situation where my mortgage was behind due to unexpected expenses.  I had to make a decision to either take care of my unexpected expense or pay my mortgage.  I was in a situation where I did not know what to do.  I was referred to FIG by a friend.  I called this company and they walked me through everything I needed to do.  Whenever I was unsure about something in regards to my foreclosure, I called and they would answer my questions, NO MATTER HOW MANY QUESTIONS I HAD!!!  I was able to take care of my unexpected expenses and keep my home!  After working with FIG, I am much more knowledgeable with my mortgage.  Thank you for saving my home! I would refer FIG to anyone that is going through a foreclosure!

KC, Clark - Atlanta, GA

I want to extend my gratitude and well wishes. You have helped me the minute I found out my house was in foreclosure.  Foreclosure International Group have been my rock!  There is no limit on when or what time to reach him; either via phone or e-mails.  He make himself available at any time.  Without foreclosure international I don’t know where I would be today with my family. They have presented many options which I didn’t know I had the right to.  I want to let the foreclosure international group know I am very grateful to them.  My son is able to graduate from the high school of his choice since I didn’t have to relocate, his future is bright.

Gladys Gourdet - Middle Island, NY

I would like to take a few moments to express my sincere thanks to Foreclosure International Group… I want to say to anyone who is going through such turmoil, there is a way out, from illegal foreclosure to restoring our property back into our possession… They are true to their word and work hard to maintain their credibility.

Pastor R. F. Barrett – Goldsboro, NC

There were 575,000 plus foreclosures in 2015. Don't let this happen to you.